Joe Hurd Bertolli

We can just imagine the headlines now: “Two renowned Italian chefs have been let loose in a kitchen tasked with creating a range of traditional and modern Italian delicacies using Bertolli with Butter…the outcome you ask? The creation of array of utterly mouthwatering and divine dishes!”

In collaboration with Bertolli, our truly brilliant Joe Hurd teamed up with fellow chef Gennaro Contaldo to create a selection of Italian dishes for all occasions. Using Bertolli with Butter, the chefs demonstrated that the perfect combination of butter and olive oil meant that the ingredient didn’t burn like butter, but rather added extra zeal and flavour to each and every dish created.

In highly entertaining installments, Joe and Gennaro each create their very own Summer Showcases and Autumn Delights to share, showing the step by step processes and how easy they are to recreate!

To learn all about Bertolli with Butter and watch Joe and Gennaro work their magic, click HERE

In the words of Gennaro ContaldoOH MY MY!