England has done it! Conquering against Sweden in the Quarter Finals they have officially earned their place in the Semi Finals of the World Cup 2018 (Well there’s a sentence nobody expected to say!)

As the nation beams in utter pride, our home squad have done us all amazingly proud demonstrating nothing short of relentless passion, vigour and heart on the pitch. We also can’t forget to applaud and commend the hard work and dedication of England’s phenomenal manager Gareth Southgate  Layla Anna-Lee!

In conjunction with The Football Republic, our Layla crafted her own hilariously unique speech prepping Team England before the game in the England Alternative Team Talk! Telling the boys to “get out there and win,” it appears they listened intently and did just that!! Thanks very much Layla, clearly we owe the big Quarter Final win to you!

To watch Layla’s passionate and heartfelt speech click HERE!

What would you say to our England boys if you had the chance, let me guess…“ITS COMING HOME?!”