make the future

In collaboration with Shell, our very own Becky Ives resided in London’s East End as she returned for the third year to front Make the Future Live 2018.

Spanning from 5th-8th July, Make the Future Live is an annual festival dedicated towards the exploration of new and innovative solutions to acquiring and managing energy.

Becky was live in Stratford hosting the three day event event, exploring all the latest and greatest technology and interviewing participants, as visitors from all across the world gathered to enjoy the annual festival and learn about the new and fresh ideas that could change our future!

For those who were unable to attend the event, check out Shell‘s Facebook Page and catch the Drivers’ World Championship live finale HERE…you might just be greeted with a wonderfully familiar face & contagious smile!

What an amazing weekend it was!

Becky make the future 2Becky make the future 1