Wings for life

As we race into the month of May, it is clearly undeniable that year is fast running away!

In keeping with this spirit – we are thrilled to announce that our Layla Anna-Lee will be hosting the Wings for Life World Run 2018 live from the beautiful Sognsvann in Oslo.

Layla will be behind the scenes as well as fronting the live event internationally as the world races in solidarity to raise money for Spinal Cord Research. A race like absolutely like no other, Wings for Life has no finish line – rather, 30 minutes after the commencement of the race, the unique Car Catcher departs to chase participants, steadily augmenting its speed until all have been caught.

Whether you are racing in Oslo or if you are partaking from around the world using the app, it is a truly a unique event. Labelled as “a run for those who can’t”, it welcomes participants of all ages and abilities to join together for a phenomenal cause.

Sunday 6th May, 11am (UTC) on your marks, get set, GO!