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I like to travel. I get away for as many long weekends as I can each year, and my wife and I do a one big trip over Christmas. This year was Ethiopia, undoubtedly one of our most satisfying adventures yet.

But sometimes wonders are much closer to home, sometimes you need to embrace the city in which you live.

For the past two years the Lumiere festival of light has taken place in London, I’ve been to the past two and this year there are more installations across even more areas of the city.


Now the works of art themselves are superb, the photos here taken on my phone don’t really do them justice, but it is so much more than just the lights. Huge parts of central London are pedestrianised, which gives a freedom rarely felt when walking through the middle of the busiest city in Europe, and as a large proportion of the works are high up it makes you look, really look, at buildings and monuments adjacent to and next to the installations that you may have not even noticed before.

We spent a few hours last night walking around and saw less then half. We will most certainly be out again over the weekend to see if we can complete the set, and at the same time inadvertently explore streets, squares, and boulevards of London that I have never visited before.

As much as I love exploring the world, there are moments when I realise that I am yet to explore all of the city in which I have lived for the past 20 years.