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You see a three min clip that looks entirely effortless and simple. That means we’ve all done our jobs well because behind the scenes it’s high pressure, high adrenalin and a lot closer to crazy.

The truth is we prepared for every moment and a lot of effort went in to it appearing to be effortless.

I adore the words used by Dolly Parton when she casually let her secret out of the bag… ‘You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!’

My secret? I purposefully plan for happiness.

If the player is happy then that comes across on camera. Everyone knows this – but not everyone works at it.

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Footballers are renowned for being incredibly media trained. The players I interview have done it a million times before. Often much more than me. They know the score. Sometimes I’m interviewing them after they’ve spent the entire day doing interviews. So to get them to laugh, smile and tell you something new you have to make them feel happy. More often than not they turn up fed up and tired. I have to turn that emotion around.

So I take time to get to know a player on a personal level so that they feel comfortable around me, trust me and give me an effortless interview. I make sure they feel good on the day of the shoot because a happy person gives a better interview. It’s sounds so simple really but there are big things we put into place to plan for happiness…Like timing.

If the player I’m I due to interview just lost a big game we might reschedule their entire interview, he’ll give a lot more after a win.

There’s also great attention to detail, don’t underestimate the little things in life that make a person happy. I play music I know they like so they walk in they instantly feel good.

I make sure we have their favourite drink, that wardrobe has the clothing they like. I even turn the heating up then I make sure that things are always ready early. Players never like to wait – if they wait they check emails and some emails are not good news – we lose momentum and it all falls apart so I take it upon myself to make sure everyone is ready. It’s not necessarily my job but it entirely effects my role.

We’re a team and we all chip in.

Finally I make sure I’M happy. Happiness is contagious and being happy around someone who’s feeling great helps them feel great too. This may all sound a bit contrived, it’s is purposeful but never false – when you meet a friend you like to make them feel good too, you might even make that pizza they said they liked because it pleases them in turn that pleases you. I enjoy my job and I’m often around friends, We all win.

The shows that look the most casual and effortless are because they are the ones that are the best planned.

Plan for happiness.