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#newyearnewme……NOT!!!! Welcome to 2018!

Without a doubt that has to be the BIGGEST cliche that ever existed, but I don’t get it. You want to forget everything you know, everything you learnt over the last 12 months? You want to turn into Taylor Swift and pretend the old you is dead?! Nahhhhh, no thanks, that’s not for me! I would rather just turn the page of the book and use EVERYTHING I’ve leant about life and myself in the last year and use it to propel me into the next! So its still the same me, just a whole lot more dangerous, armed with an extra year of knowledge about life!

How are we? Its been a while since we last spoke. I was lucky enough to have had the trip of a lifetime over the festive period to set me up right for 2018. I headed out to Alaska with my family, to have the ultimate white Christmas. A random, far-flung and slightly extreme destination is probably the first thought here, but it’s a true fact that my sister moved up to Anchorage, Alaska in October 2016 because of her husbands job. A solid 24 hour journey door to door is SO worth it, as the landscape and views are really like no place on earth. The snow is as white and crisp as you will ever walk on, the air is the cleanest I have ever breathed. We ate, we drank, we skied, went snow tubing, went Mushing at Dallas Seaveys Dog Racing Kennels, as he’s preps for another Iditerod (google it, it’ll blow your mind) and just had more love and appreciation for family and life than I ever thought possible. It was such an escape to re-charge the batteries and come back to this year with an open mind, a clear head and to be full of excitement for opportunities that lie ahead – opportunities that right now, I don’t even know exist!

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However, what do I know? Well I know that I have just started my 4th year of Heart Breakfast in Kent! I was only ever meant to be there for 6 months covering a maternity leave, but it’s great we’re back with a new energy, a new game plan for the year and lots of ideas to bring to air I cant wait for you all to hear! As for the rest, I’ll figure it out as I go along! So I may cut my hair a little, change the colour of my nails or lose a few lbs (note to self MUST do this after the Christmas food!) but in my world its very much #newyearsameme! …Here’s to us all and I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2018!