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Hi everyone! (Insert waving emoji here),

I’m Xanthia – the newest addition to the Red 24 Family! As a 22 year old, I quite literally am the baby of the clan but it’s safe to say that I am being very well looked after and having the absolute time of my life!

I have been working as Talent Assistant at Red 24 for just over four months and I’m LOVING it. My morning commute to work is filled with herds of miserable and very squashed people who could not look less enthused for the day ahead if they tried. As I stand amongst them – often squashed under their under-arms, I can’t help but get excited about what the day will have in store. Working at Red 24, I have quickly become accustomed to the fact that no two days are the same, and nor would I ever want them to be. I love embracing new and exciting ventures every day and accompanying our amazing presenters on their incredible journeys… and by ‘accompanying’ not only do I mean metaphorically, but at times I literally get to accompany them!

In the last four months, I have been lucky enough to visit BT Sport studio TWICE! Walking into largest television studio in Europe can only be described as unbelievably epic! As we were given a grand tour of building itself, we walked into the studio as Score was being filmed live. As I walked in, my eyes lit up, it was just incredible and I remember that there were three very poignant things on my mind: 1. OMG 2. For the love of God don’t sneeze and 3. Do not fall over! My second time at BT Sport Studio was for the BT Action Woman of the Year Awards which I attended with Jules, Jonny, Layla and Paul.


As you can see from the photo – we had a great laugh! The event itself was fantastic – a truly fascinating experience. When the awards aired on BT Sport, watching them at home with my family I couldn’t help but pause the TV, point to the mob of black hair and shout “THERE I AM…THERE I AM!”

Aside from working and attending exciting events – I am a Greek Dance Fitness Instructor for a programme called Opacize™, and I teach my class on a Wednesday evening! Everyone always asks me – what exactly is Opacize™? and the only way I can respond is ” it’s the most fun you will ever have!” In each hour long class we complete around 7,700 steps and we all leave feeling sweaty and exhausted but wearing a huge smile. The programme was created with the intention of spreading happiness and providing  people with an environment where they can forget their daily stresses and just have fun. This weekend (well tomorrow) on Saturday 13th January I am hosting a charity event for the local Church. All the proceeds will go to arranging outings for elderly people within the local community as well as other charities.



I can’t wait to see what the next 4 months will bring, don’t worry I’ll keep you all posted!