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Around 6 months ago I read that it was important to soak up new ideas in order to keep the neuroplasticity of our brains developing. Apparently an old dog can in fact learn new tricks, it’s just about new stimulus to keep the neurons connecting in unfamiliar and original ways.

So, I’ve started reading books that I would never usually pick up in areas where I have some interest, but certainly nowhere near a deep level of knowledge.  There are a series of short introduction books about social pshychology that I found interesting as a starting point, but the one that I believe really opened up my way of thinking was ‘Seven Brief Lessons On Physics’ by Carlo Rovelli. A simple introduction to subjects like Quantum Phyiscs and The Theory Of Relativity, subjects that I remember fleetingly from school, but areas that have baffled me since. I surprised myself by absolutely loving the subject matter, and I genuinely believe it’s shifted my overall day to day perspective.

I’ve also started watching documentaries that I would never normally engage with around the subject of engineering. I think appreciating the level of attention to detail involved has helped my immediate focus on my day to challenges, and if you’re interested at all in space travel I urge you to watch some videos showing self landing rockets developed by Space X (owned by Elon Musk from Paypal) and Blue Origin (owned by Jeff Bezos from Amazon). A truly ground breaking moment for space travel as the huge cost involved in building rockets, that until now have been purely disposable, has been a major hurdle to making it cost effective.



Music. Well, I reached out to a few friends of mine with the instructions to ,”send me a few albums that you don’t think I will have heard from the last 12 months.” There were plenty that didn’t hit for me, but I am so glad I’ve discoverd Tom Mish’s ‘5 Day Mischon,‘ Loyla Carner’s ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ and if you haven’t heard the album by Francis And The Lights called ‘Farewell, Starlite!’ then click and play this immediately.



Has it worked and helped my thought patterns? Who knows for certain, but the exercise in stretching my sphere of knowledge and comfort has been hugely rewarding, and I’d wholly encourarge you to search for and digest some new stimulus in whatever area works for you.