TV Sports Awards Presenter Layla Anna-Lee

Layla Anna-Lee will take to the stage of Monte Carlo’s mesmerising Salle Des Etoiles as co-host of the prestigious TV Sports Awards on the 23rd October 2017!

The Salle Des Etoiles, located in the heart of The Sporting Monte Carlo, is titled as one of the most fascinating event halls within Europe. The incredible venue, complete with a convertible roof, will allow the presenters to host this star-studded event under the stupendous night sky.

The TV Sports Awards is an evening dedicated towards commending excellence and innovation within the sports media industry. In addition to celebrating the fantastic and often overlooked work of many of the industries geniuses, the TV Sports Awards collaborate with and raise money for the Play for Change Charity. This is an international organisation, which works with local communities globally to integrate sport, and educational programmes to aid children improve their lives.

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