Champions League Red 24 Management

The race to Kiev started in full flow again this week with the first round matches of the Champions League group stage, and as always the Red 24 presenters were working across the country at some of the biggest games.

Jules Breach got to see Spurs get a hugely credible victory over Dortmund at Wembley.

Frankie Vu saw Chelsea demolish newcomers Quarabag FK.

And Becky Ives was at Old Trafford to see a three nil victory over the Swiss team FC Basel.

Lots of goals all round, and team Red 24 will be working with Manchester City F.C too when they play at home come game day two in a couple of weeks time.


Becky Ives, UEFA Champions League Manchester United F.C

Jules Breach, UEFA Champions League Tottenham Hotspurs F.C

Frankie Vu Champions Club