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5. Really?

It’s just like how I’m not sure how I got to 37 years old. Wasn’t I 21 10 minutes ago?

It all started because I worked in TV production for a long time and I realised two things. One, there were LOTS of people on TV who I gave their first presenting jobs to. And two, new talent wasn’t being nurtured by any of the talent agents.

So after an 18 month sabbatical (mainly in Asia, drunk) I started my own talent management company from the front room of my flat, with no name, no logo, no website, no contracts, and no clients!

First stop was an on-line poker channel that had just started where I picked up my first 3 clients, one of which, Layla Anna-lee, is still with us today. Everything else came from 12 hour days and no days off for 2 years.

How are we doing? Well, I’ll let other people be the judge of that.

But we’re now a full time team of 5, with a swanky Covent Garden office, represent not just presenters but also comedians, voice artists and actors, and on a daily basis we have a bloody good time.

Don’t get me wrong, we work hard, and I strive for perfection in everything that I do. Just ask the rest of the guys that spend 45 hours a week with me in the office!

But it’s working. We discover new talent. We make them better at what they do. And you know what, there is now a talent agency nurturing new talent.