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I live there so I’ve seen the Olympic Park rise from the ashes of a derelict waste land, and the last few weeks have been nothing short of outstanding.

Having been quite literally in the eye of the storm I can confirm that there were zero transport or security issues, and every day the area was buzzing with the super friendly volunteers and smiley tourists heading for Park.

I could show off and list all 7 of the events that I managed to get tickets for (persistence, persistence) but I’ll leave that to the people subjected to my showing off on facebook.

Instead I’ll share that in Stratford right now there is an overwhelming sense of the morning after the night before. All the banners are still up and everything is still shiny and new, but where has everyone gone?

Roll on the Paralympics on the 29th, and than after that? Well, I’ll just have to count down the days until the re-named Queen Elizabeth Park re-opens in 2013.

ps That’s me with the Czech ladies basketball team. I’m 6ft 3!